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Tank Maintenance

Clarifier Tank Painting

Clarifier Tank Painting

Another view of Clarifier Tank Painting

Clarifier Tank Painting

Water tank maintenance and rehabilitation work can be completed without publicly bidding the work. TMI Coatings contracts directly with water tank owners. The work includes all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to ensure several years of water tank maintenance.

Water Tower Prior to Containment

Water Tower Prior to Containment

Water Tower Completed by TMI

Water Tower Completed by TMI

TMI Painting Elevated Water Tower

TMI Painting Elevated Water Tower

Vacuum Blasting Kentucky Standpipe Tank in Georgetown, KY

Vacuum Blasting Kentucky Standpipe Tank in Georgetown, KY

Products and Services Offered

  • Cleanout/inspection
  • Tests for hazardous paint, metal thickness, mil thickness of paint, and paint adhesion
  • Repair/welding
  • Sandblasting/painting
  • Logo installation
  • Disinfection
  • On-going maintenance, includes annual tank cleanout

Your Benefits

  • Extends your guarantee on tank work for the life of the maintenance contract
  • Gives you a single source to contact for all maintenance work
  • Financing by TMI Coatings to fit your budget for tank maintenance
  • Predictive annual costs to aid in budgeting
  • Reduces corrosion and improves appearance of water tank
  • Proactive versus reactive tank maintenance to manage costs over time

Standards, Codes, Rules & Regulations

TMI will comply with:

  • Upon request a REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER will review work being done on all water tank maintenance service work
    1. SSPC — The Society for Protective Coatings
    2. ASME — American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    3. ASTM — American Society for Testing Materials


Concrete Reservoir

TMI inspects all the items of safety on the tank to assure compliance with OSHA regulations.


Exterior and interior tank maintenance including weld modifications to ensure the tank’s structural integrity is in compliance with AWWA requirements.

Coating Inspection

We can perform a visual inspection, ultrasonic test (test metal thickness), lead/chromium paint test (to determine percent of lead and chromium in paint), mil thickness test (to test coating thickness); cross hatch test (for coating adhesion) and coating composite test (to determine type of existing coating) on your tank.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Complete tank refurbishing inside and outside your ground or elevated water storage tank.
Read about painting a water tower for a country music star on our blog.

About TMI

TMI is an SSPC-QP 1 and QP 2 certified contractor, experienced in complex industrial projects, including hazardous paint removal. With TMI you can expect our crews to perform the work rather than “brokered labor.” All painting work is performed by TMI. We are licensed in numerous states, bonded and insured. We have been in business over 30 years. We do work safely, in a quality manner and on time.


Total payments to TMI will not exceed the water utility charge received by the municipality. Total payments will be allocated over not less than three years from commencement of the contract.

TMI Coatings provides services for tank maintenance throughout the United States including:

We provide services in all states. If your location is not listed, please contact TMI Coatings or request a quote:

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