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Tank Dismantling, Demolition & Disposal

TMI Coatings has experience in the dismantling and demolition of a wide variety of tanks. The following describes specific projects in which TMI safely and professionally dismantled and disposed of tanks following Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules and regulations.

Lead Paint Removal at Specified Intervals

Lead paint removal at specified intervals

Tank Demolition in Process

Tank dismantling of standpipe after lead paint removal

  • TMI removed the existing foam insulation and then demolished two 75,000 gallon water storage tanks. The tanks were located on the roof of a large group of silos at Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • TMI removed the existing foam insulation and demolished a one million gallon welded steel tank, 117 ft. in diameter x 42 ft. high. The tank had red lead primer underneath the foam, requiring the removal of foam to be done by trained TMI workers. TMI workers are trained in accordance with OSHA 1926.62 Removal or Encapsulation of Materials Containing Lead. The existing foam insulation was transported and incinerated outstate.
  • TMI removed the existing roof of a 95 ft. diameter water reservoir and replaced the roof with a new aluminum geodesic dome. The existing roof on the tank was severly corroded and required replacement. A 150-ton crane was used to hoist the new geodesic roof frame into place on top of the reservoir after being constructed on the ground adjacent to the tank.
  • TMI performed a demolition and removal in Cedar Park, Texas of a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank. TMI removed paint containing lead prior to dismantling a tank in Cedar Park, Texas. Paint removal was performed with vacuum shrouded power tools. After removal of the lead paint, the tank was cut, dismantled and disposed of. At completion of the demolition, TMI took post soil samples comparing to TMI pre soil samples to confirm the soil was clean of lead paint from the demolition process.
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