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Non-Slip Flooring

TMI Coatings solves your slippery floor problems.

  • Coat walkways, also known as plant aisle ways (including application of  stripe to identify safe walking areas for visitors).
  • Provide non-slip surfaces in areas frequently washed down.
  • Provide non-slip surfaces for manufacturing areas that are exposed to oil and grease.
  • Provide slip-resistance to floors near employee and visitor entrances where snow and rain can be tracked in causing slips or falls.
TMI Eliminating Slippery Floors

TMI Applying Non-Skid Flooring

Caution Reduce Slippery Floors

Reduce Slippery Floors

CHEM-RESIST floor coating with slip resistant finish for safety

CHEM-RESIST floor coating with slip resistance for safety

CHEM-RESIST epoxy flooring is recommended for floors requiring a safe, non-skid surface that is durable, sanitary and easy to clean. TMI can also incorporate special aggregate fillers into the epoxy for slip resistance in wet environments.

Cementitious Urethane withstands aggressive chemical and thermal attacks while providing abrasion resistance. This low odor, 100% solids Cementitious Urethane topping is trowel applied and designed to protect the concrete from chemical attacks, corrosion, impact and thermal shock. Repeated exposure to hot oil and steam will not cause pitting, cracking or crazing. Cementitious urethane toppings are seamless, durable and suitable for industrial use. Finish texture is determined by owner. Flooring can be non-skid for slip resistance for safety.

TMI cementitious urethane is highly resistant to moisture (high water vapor transmission) withstanding 20 lbs./1,000 sq. ft./24 hours using the calcium chloride test per ASTM F-1869 or 99% relative humidity using in-situ Relative Humidity Testing per ASTM F-2170.

TMI cementitious urethane flooring can be applied to 7 day old concrete.

Other flooring options include ESD, Conductive, MMA (Acrylic) and Epoxy Quartz for a decorative finish.

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