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Large Diameter Bin Roof Coating

TMI Coatings was contracted to replace all loose and missing fasteners and recoat a large aluminum bin roof to protect from rusting and water infiltration. All seams, fasteners and penetrations received one full coat of an industrial fiber reinforced aluminum pigmented coating material.  Then, an additional coat of the same protective coating material was applied to the entire roof area.

TMI Coatings water blasting to clean the bin roof

TMI Coatings waterproofing a large bin roof

TMI Coatings applying a protective coating to rustproof a large bin roof

Asphalt Based Roof Coating

TMI Coatings applies asphalt based roof coatings and elastomer coatings to concrete and metal roofs.

After pressure washing to clean a sloped metal roof, TMI applies a seam sealer over all fasteners, seams and around roof penetrations to seal these potential leak areas. Next, an asphalt-based premium grade industrial maintenance coating is applied over the entire roof for uniform coverage. This results in all seams and fasteners receiving two full coats. This asphalt-based coating has a blend of natural and synthetic fibers and aluminum pigment, reflects heat, and protects against mild acid and alkali fumes. This rustproof, waterproof coating may come with a long term warranty. The asphalt-based roof coating works well on rusted metal roofs.

Asphalt-based roof coating with aluminum pigment

Asphalt-based roof coating with aluminum pigment

Elastomer Roof Coating

TMI also offers elastomer coatings for roofs that leak. The tough, durable, flexible coating can be applied to metal and concrete, providing waterproof protection for years to come.

elastomer-based roof coating

Elastomer-based roof coating for sloped metal roofs

Concrete Silo

Concrete Silo Western Minnesota

Silo Roof Coating

5851 Minn-Kota Ag Products

Silo Roof Coating

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