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Repairing and Restoring Fiberglass Domes

TMI Coating’s crews are experienced with repairing and restoring fiberglass domes to return them to their original luster.

UV ray weathering can cause fiberglass to deteriorate over time.  We clean the structure with high pressure washers to thoroughly remove mold, dirt and mildew.  TMI’s crews can repair holes with fiberglass patching and gel coating to restore voids.  After repairs are complete, we apply a gel coat to all exposed surfaces (in any color) for a refreshed appearance.

If you’re looking for an experienced contractor to efficiently handle your fiberglass needs, give us a call.  TMI Coatings began doing coating work in 1985 and our own field crews perform the work in a safe and professional manner.

Work completed by the TMI Coatings Team:

Fiberglass DomeRepair and Recoat Fiberglass Dome

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