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Property Management

TMI Coatings is a painting and restoration contractor. TMI’s skilled crews have experience in tuckpointing, building restoration, brick and block replacement, as well as flooring in mechanical rooms, air handlers and parking decks and ramps, including waterproofing.

TMI sandblasts and paints difficult to access structural steel, skyways, and other structures, and lines tanks to reduce corrosion.

TMI coats cooling towers to reduce corrosion.

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TMI Lines Cooling Tower Basins To Reduce Corrosion

Cooling tower basins require maintenance just as any other part of a building.  TMI Coatings has years of experience lining cooling tower basins to reduce corrosion.  The seamless coating is applied to all accessible areas of the basin to extend the life of the pan and allow the owner to avoid the expense of total replacement of the basin.

TMI recently replaced the lining in eight rooftop cooling tower basins on two buildings in Eagan, MN.  We worked on individual basins in accordance with the owner’s schedule.

The TMI team removed the existing failed lining on each basin by sandblasting and/or mechanically abrading.  TMI then applied a coat of bonding primer and completed the applications with two coats of an elastomer coating

If you have a cooling tower basin that requires fill removal and/or replacement, or corrosion protection TMI Coatings field men have considerable experience.



TMI Coatings Contains Dust And Lines Two Tanks

TMI Coatings prepared the interior and exterior surfaces of two tanks and the structural steel frames around the tanks. Our customer had concerns about dust and paint chips traveling to adjacent rooms; we used poly to section off areas to reduce this risk and installed ground covering.

The TMI team mechanically abraded the tanks and structural steel using hand-held diamond grinders with vacuum attachments to minimize the dust. We then installed a black urethane elastomer lining, which is suitable for CIP and cooling tower water, on the interior of the tanks. Finally, we applied an epoxy on the exterior of the tanks and on the structural steel. The project team was able to successfully complete the project within a very tight time frame to comply with the owner’s schedule.

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