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Case Study: TMI Coatings Rehabilitates Structural Steel Tower

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed a large sandblasting and painting project for DSM Nutritional Products (DSM) in Fort Worth, TX. A structural engineering firm advised DSM that the structural members of the tower in their main production room needed to be sandblasted, inspected, and coated with a rust-inhibitive coating system to prolong the longevity of the structure. Because the tower is located in the main area of production, finding the time to sandblast and apply the correct coating system was a challenge. TMI was able to complete all sandblasting and painting work during a Christmas-New Years’ shutdown including painting all structural steel members, the four walls of the first floor, and the air and water pipes per OSHA standards. TMI worked two 10-man crews, a day crew and a night crew, in order to maximize time and complete the project during the allotted shutdown window.

TMI sandblasted to an SSPC-SP7 Brushblast-Off Blast Cleaning. Brushblasting removed loose mill scale, rust, and coating. TMI then applied two full coats of a high solids epoxy coating to all areas of the structural steel. This high-performance epoxy has good abrasion and corrosion resistance which made it ideal for the dusty environment in the production room.

Plant Manager Jared Froetschner was very happy with the TMI crews and the completion of the project.

Jared said, “Pictures don’t do it justice. It is incredible. Worth every dollar.”

The structural steel of the tower is now not only aesthetically pleasing, but also protected against corrosion.

DSM Nutritional Products

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