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TMI Coatings Solves Floor Erosion Problem

TMI Coatings recently completed a project with stringent time requirements. The deadline of February 21 gave the team less than a week to complete a flooring project, which usually is not a problem. However, when prepping the floor, the TMI Superintendent discovered an area approximately 100 sq. ft. where the cap, which is the top portion of the concrete, was disbonding and eroding severely. With other contractors due to start on the 22nd, there was not time to pour a new floor.
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TMI Coating’s Solution for Slippery Floors

TMI CHEM-RESIST is the floor solution for heavy traffic areas, flooring subjected to chemicals, or where there is the need for a safety non-skid surface. The coating is extremely durable, sanitary and easy to clean.  But, what you might not know is that there are several options available in the TMI CHEM-RESIST product line.

  • TMI CHEM-RESIST Epoxy Flooring
  • TMI CHEM-RESIST Epoxy Quartz Flooring
  • TMI CHEM-RESIST Epoxy Novolac Flooring

TMI Coatings Job Team Applying CHEM-RESIST Flooring Solution

TMI Coatings Job Team Applying CHEM-RESIST Flooring Solution

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TMI Coatings will present, as an exhibitor, two of their outstanding products – TMI CHEM-RESIST and TMI FIBERLIFE – at “Concepts in Constructability” 2010 Construction Showcase on Thursday, February 25, 2010.  The one-day event is a product showcase, as well as an educational opportunity for the construction industry.

Construction Industry Design Professionals, Product and Service Representatives, as well as students from the University of Minnesota College of Design, will have the opportunity to learn about these two excellent TMI products first-hand from TMI representatives.

TMI Flooring

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Waterproof Seal for Grain Bins

A North Dakota grain company was having problems with moisture leaking into the bottom of their steel grain bins.  This moisture was heating and subsequently molding the grain.  TMI Coatings was hired to seal the exterior of their bins to…

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Logo Painting

TMI Coatings was contracted to prepare and paint five grain bins including sides, roofs, handrails and ladders for an animal feed manufacturer.  TMI primed all surfaces with a high quality epoxy primer with excellent rust inhibitive properties and then applied…

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Peeling Paint Removal

The corn production room of a large vegetable processing plant in Wisconsin had a problem with peeling paint on their concrete ceiling.  The concrete had been painted years ago, and the white paint was slowly chipping off and falling from…

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