TMI Applies New Tank Linings to Resist Corrosion

TMI Coatings began the New Year with a project at a major Wisconsin university. The school had a couple of tanks that required new, corrosion resistant industrial linings. Upon arrival, the crew protected the surrounding area by poly wrapping equipment to protect from sand and dust. Then TMI proceeded to sandblast the interior of both tanks.

Once the crew had completed all of their preparations, they began to apply the lining. Just as a painter begins a room by focusing on the details (edging, corners, and so on), the TMI crew began by specifically addressing all welds, appurtenances, and surface irregularities by stripe coating with the lining material. Once that was complete, the crew moved on to the remainder of the tanks, applying two coats, each at a very specific thickness.

After curing for seven days, the tanks were ready for use.