Sandblasting & Painting

From the simplest to the most complex structures, TMI Coatings’ industrial sandblasting and painting services can help protect and improve your company’s investment. First, our knowledgeable staff will personally meet with you to understand the scope of work required to complete your industrial sandblasting or painting project. Then we’ll submit a proposal listing each step of the work, including a step-by-step explanation of what is to be done, proposed materials, cost to perform the work, timeframe in which the work will be done and a warranty.

Lead Paint Removal from Tank Interior Sandblasting Tank Interior Sandblasting Tank Exterior
Lead paint removal from tank interior Sandblasting tank interior Sandblasting tank exterior

Removing Lead Based Paint

TMI Coatings sandblasts and paints industrial structures encapsulating and/or removing lead-based paint. TMI has considerable experience sandblasting and painting tanks, locks and dams, stacks, penstocks, and other industrial structures.

TMI is committed to doing quality work in your timeframe. TMI has a full time scheduler to coordinate men, equipment and materials to meet your schedule. We have our own crews employed by TMI full time. This assures you we arrive at your facility when scheduled and complete work on time.

SSPC Industrial Hazard Paint Removal

As an SSPC QP 1 and SSPC QP 2 qualified contractor, TMI has met the strict requirements of the SSPC Industrial Hazard Paint Removal. This is an intense certification program, requiring ongoing information submittal, annual reviews, and site visits by SSPC (The Society of Protective Coatings). QP 1 certification is a nationally recognized program that evaluates the practices of industrial painting contractors in key areas of business. The QP 2 certification evaluates the capabilities of industrial paint contractors for their ability to safely remove and properly manage hazardous coating material in the field. QP 2 builds on the standards and guidelines of QP 1 to further qualify the industrial contractor company in hazardous paint removal operations. TMI has the competence, experience, and ability to safely complete any complex project.

After Lead Paint Removed from Tank After Painting Compressor Air Filter Units After Lead Paint Removed and Tanks Painted by TMI
After lead paint removed from tank After painting compressor air filter units After lead paint removed and tanks painted by TMI


TMI Coatings has considerable experience installing coatings that are subject to all types of extreme environments. TMI completed a project involving a liquid natural gas tank 147′ diameter x 121′ high, located in Garner, Iowa. Upon inspection, we found the vessel required maintenance on all stiffener rings, weld seams and pinhole failure areas.

Finished paint with yellow handrails

TMI Coatings’ scope of work included mechanical preparation of all rusty spots on the exterior of the tank to clean to SSPC SPII for coating adhesion. TMI then coated all mechanically prepared areas with a high performance, rust-inhibitive epoxy coating that can be applied at very low temperatures. A final top coat was applied over the entire vessel for an aesthetically pleasing finish. The final result was a satisfied customer with a well maintained vessel and no loss of production time.

In business since 1985 and having safely completed thousands of successful jobs, we assure you we are committed to customer service. Let our tank maintenance experts assist you in designing a coating system for your facility.


Sandblasting Painting 1 Sandblasting Painting 2 Sandblasting Painting 3


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