Hazard Paint Removal

TMI Coatings has been a Painting and Restoration Contractor since 1985 with experience in tank rehabilitation. TMI completes work safely, efficiently and in a quality manner that meets the owner’s schedule. TMI Coatings contributes to making the world a better place by handsomely restoring America’s infrastructure.





City of Richfield Penn Avenue Water Tower Rehabilitation

TMI Coatings completed partial interior recoating, complete exterior abrasive blast and recoating of 1,500,000 gallon legged elevated water tank. Containment system with bonnet, full ground cover and dust collector attached per SSPC level 2, Method A.

Structural repairs/modifications were done.

Project was difficult due to site constraints:

The size and scope of the project was complex, as it was necessary to maintain City operations and telecommunications services for the duration of the project. With minimal space for TMI’s equipment – including a full-containment structure, and temporary equipment to keep telecommunications services operating, the project was further impacted by the tower’s proximity to Penn Avenue, a major thoroughfare. Project coordination was maintained with Hennepin County with regard to traffic controls, and Xcel Energy respective to overhead powerlines in order to complete the project. Finally, TMI had to allow continual access for Fire Station No.2.

This was achieved by TMI’s installation of temporary fencing around the immediate work zone and their working with the carrier’s, and fire department to establish a working corridor on the south side of the fire station, and establishing a lay-down area on the southeast side. Jersey barriers placed on the west side of the work zone provided pedestrian traffic control and allowed for the staging of additional TMI equipment.

The project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the owner: a Letter of Recommendation from the City of Richfield, MN Contact : Russell Lupkes, Utilities Superintendent


Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation

The interior of a tank after application of lining by TMI.
The interior of a tank after application of lining by TMI

Reservior after coating applied by TMI.
Reservoir coating being applied by TMI

TMI sandblasted and painted ground storage tank

TMI sandblasted and painted a ground storage tank

TMI Coatings Meets SSPC Industrial Hazard Paint Removal Requirements

TMI has met the strict requirements of the SSPC Industrial Hazard Paint Removal. This intense certification program requires ongoing information to be submitted, annual reviews and site visits by SSPC (The Society of Protective Coatings).

Protective Covering During Watertower Restoration
Protective covering during water tower restoration

TMI painted an elevated legged water tower

TMI painted an elevated legged water tower

Air National Guard

Containment installed

TMI Coatings was contracted by the Air National Guard to abrasive blast and paint the exterior steel structure of aircraft hangars at their facility.  The existing paint was lead based paint requiring strict worker protections and environmental controls.  Additionally, the continuous occupation and use of the surrounding hangar and office areas were maintained throughout the work.  Scaffolding was erected and the structure was fully contained to collect all dust and debris during sandblasting.  Negative air pressure within the containment was maintained by use of dust collectors.  The entire structure was primed with a zinc rich organic primer, high solids epoxy intermediate coat, and finish coat of urethane.

The Society For Protective Coatings Certified Contractor QP1
The Society For Protective Coatings Certified Contractor QP1

The Society For Protective Coatings Certified Contractor QP2The Society For Protective Coatings Certified Contractor QP2

Case Study: TMI Coatings Rehabilitates Wisconsin Water Tower

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin’s first water tower, was erected in 1901 and served the community until it was taken out of service in 1988. As the years passed, local residents became concerned with the deteriorating condition of the aging landmark and interest grew in restoring and preserving the historic structure for future generations.

Due to environmental concerns and the water tower’s close proximity to a nearby school, one of the most critical phases of the restoration project involved the removal of lead- based paint from the structure’s 100,000 gallon water storage tank. This paint removal process, along with tank restoration work and the application of the new protective coating, was conducted by TMI Coatings, the general contractor for the project.

The project required the services of several specialized contractors and was conducted in several different phases including: site grading, underground electrical work, structural steel work, tuckpointing, sealing the exterior masonry, window and door replacement, tank restoration, lead-based paint removal and application of a new protective coating. Roger Sherman, chairman of The Water Tower Committee, was frequently on site during the restoration.

TMI was chosen for this phase of the restoration because TMI is an SSPC QP1 and SSPC QP2 certified contractor operating in the upper Midwest. TMI has met the rigorous guidelines set forth by the SSPC (The Society of Protective Coatings) for the safe removal and proper management of hazardous coating material in the field, thus ensuring that all work would be done in accordance with EPA, Wisconsin DNR and OSHA rules and regulations.

Fort Atkinson WI Historic Water Tower Before TMI Coatings Restoration
Fort Atkinson, WI historic water tower before TMI Coatings restoration

Fort Atkinson WI Historic Water Tower During TMI Coatings Restoration
Fort Atkinson, WI historic water tower during TMI Coatings restoration

Fort Atkinson WI Historic Water Tower After TMI Coatings Restoration
Fort Atkinson, WI historic water tower after TMI Coatings restoration

TMI started the process with extensive steel rehabilitation work. Once the rehabilitation work was finished, TMI erected 115 foot scaffolding and enclosed the water storage tank with sheeting with taped seams in order to safely remove the lead-based coating from the structure. Initially, due to high winds, there was difficulty securing the poly in place. TMI’s crew didn’t begin the hazardous removal until the poly was secured properly. The poly was re-secured using adhesive spray with 6” tape to secure the overlaps. The tank was unable to support a typical containment system, so a self-supporting scaffold was required. This elaborate process ensured the proper containment of hazardous material (meeting the requirements of SSPC Guide 6 Class 1A) during the paint removal phase, after which TMI was able to safely proceed with the application of the new protective coating material.

TMI applied Pretox, to all the exterior surfaces to temporarily overcoat the lead-based paint during surface preparation/lead abatement operations. They then proceeded to sandblast the exterior surfaces, including the spiral staircase per SSPC-SP 6 Commercial Blast, and primed all surfaces with an epoxy primer. All of the metal surfaces were brushed and rolled, rather than spraying, to minimize any overspray risk on the masonry portions of the water tower. An intermediate coat was applied and then two full top coats of polyurethane. The stairs were sandblasted and painted on the ground within containment and then reinstalled on the tank exterior. Some touch up painting was required.

“All the little things that make a project go well were addressed by TMI Coatings. We were very pleased with [TMI],” said Roger Sherman.

Because of TMI’s high professional standards and strict adherence to SSPC standards and guidelines, TMI was able to play an integral part in helping to restore an important historical landmark, while at the same time ensuring that the community of Fort Atkinson would not be exposed to hazardous materials that could pose a potential risk to its citizens and environment. Now completed, the $450,000 restoration project will ensure the preservation of the historic structure.

Case Study: TMI Coatings Restores Water Storage Tank in Pensacola, Florida

TMI Coatings sandblasted and recoated the exterior of a 160’ tall, 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank for the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. The tower was repainted with an epoxy/urethane coating system in aviation orange and white checkered pattern. Full containment, sandblasting and recoating of the elevated tank was completed on schedule for the Federal Government.

TMI provided labor, material and equipment to complete steel repairs and paint the water tank. Specifications required an SSPC-QP1/SSPC-QP2 certified contractor and SSPC-QP5 certified coating inspections.

TMI Coatings Restoration of Legged Elevated Water Storage Tank at Naval Air Station in Pensacola FL
TMI Coatings restoration of elevated water storage tank at Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL

View the Evaluation Questionnaire for this project.

Case Study: TMI Coatings Repairs Corrosion Damage on Tainter Gates in Texas

TMI Coatings repaired damage due to corrosion on five existing tainter gates at Lake Fork Spillway for Sabine River Authority of Texas.

TMI workmen remained tied off using OSHA approved full body safety harnesses at all times while working on the spillway below the tainter gates, as required by the contract. Safety netting was implemented below the work at each gate to prevent anything from falling through to the concrete surface of the spillway and into the river below.

TMI removed and replaced the entire bottom of the gate structural steel including the existing shim plates, stiffeners, angles, braces and associated structural steel. TMI sandblasted, primed and finish coated the reconditioned tainter gates. After steel repairs and recoating, TMI installed all new seals.

5629 Tarrant Reg Water Dist. 5629 Tarrant Reg Water Dist

Case Study: TMI Coatings Recoats Penstocks at William’s Fork Dam

A large water utility in Colorado hired TMI Coatings, an SSPC-Q1/SSPC-Q2 contractor, to abrasive blast the interior and recoat two penstocks at the William’s Fork Dam. The two penstocks were 54″ diameter x 66′ long and 66″ diameter x 145′ long, including the spiral case.

The interiors are confined spaces, so confined space monitoring precautions were performed by trained TMI employees. All work was completed safely.

TMI blasted the entire interior of the penstocks to an SSPC-SP5 White Metal. The TMI crew monitored for airborne lead both inside and outside of the penstocks. Dehumidification of the penstocks maintained ambient conditions required for surface preparation and coating application. A 100% solids, high-build, plural component polyurethane lining was applied to a minimum of 40 mils DFT, measured according to SSPC PA-2. Continuous quality control measurements were taken to ensure compliance with the specifications including holiday testing to ensure a pinhole free lining upon completion.

Case Study: TMI Coatings Replaces Seals on Draft Tube Gates at Yellowtail Power Plant

The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation in Billings, Montana contracted with TMI Coatings to sandblast, paint and replace seals on 12 draft tube gates at the Yellowtail Power Plant.

The scope of work included removing and replacing bolts, nuts and washers as well as furnishing and installing gate seals and draft tube gate valve seals. The entire gates were also sandblasted and recoated.

TMI Coatings Draft Tube Gates Yellowtail Power Plant
TMI Coatings draft tube gates at Yellowtail Power Plant

TMI Coatings Draft Tube Gates Restoration Yellowtail Power Plant
TMI Coatings draft tube gates restoration at Yellowtail Power Plant

Case Study: Abrasive Blasted and Recoated Interior and Exterior of Texas Water Storage Tanks

TMI Coatings abrasive blasted and recoated the interior and exterior of two 1.5 million gallon elevated water storage tanks for the City of DeSoto, Texas.

The work included interior wet and exterior abrasive blasting and recoating, exterior containment, dehumidification of the tank interior, interior dry spot repairs and painting, and structural modification repairs.

TMI Beginning Containment Erection on Elevated Water Storage Tanks DeSoto TX
TMI beginning containment erection on elevated water storage tank (DeSoto, TX)

Painting Tank Bowl on Elevated Water Storage Tanks DeSoto TX
Painting tank bowl on elevated water storage tank (DeSoto, TX)

Application by Roller on Elevated Water Storage Tanks DeSoto TX
Application by roller on elevated water storage tank (DeSoto, TX)