Industrial Flooring

TMI Coatings installs a wide variety of flooring systems ranging from thin-film (3-5 mils) for dust control of concrete up to 1/4″ thick floor toppings for heavy industrial use.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Coverings

Some of the benefits you receive include decreased spalling of concrete and reduced maintenance cost because it is easier to clean the floor and increase morale of employees when working in an aesthetically pleasing area. One of TMI’s customers called recently to have the floors coated in the Manufacturing area and Machine Shop because he wanted to “create a nicer environment for the employees working in those areas.” When the TMI salesperson called to follow up after the job was completed, he said, “now we will sweep and mop to keep it looking nice!” Coatings can be applied so the finished surface is smooth or aggregate can be added to provide slip resistance required for safety.

Shotblasting Floor to Prepare for New Floor Topping Hand Grinding Edges of Concrete Floor
Shotblasting floor to prepare for new floor topping Hand grinding edges of concrete floor


Types of Industrial Floor Coverings

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