Frequently Asked Questions

Do you employ your own field people or do you subcontract the work?
We have our own crews with many years of experience in steel painting and concrete coatings. The average tenure for our fieldmen is 8 years. Many of our fieldmen have been with TMI for 20 years. We are not dependent on brokered labor. Rarely do we subcontract work; if we do, it is generally welding-related.
Do you work weekends and holidays?
Yes. There is a surcharge for work done over the holiday. All of our crews are committed to work during holiday weekends and between Christmas and New Year’s because many plants are shut down for maintenance work. We encourage you to plan ahead (approximately 6 weeks) in order to schedule crews and equipment over a holiday shutdown.
Do you provide a warranty?
TMI Coatings provides a one year limited warranty. Longer warranties are available when TMI Coatings receives participation from a material supplier. In some cases, 5 and 10 year warranties are available, depending on the type of construction work. For example, we work with a material supplier in order to provide a 5 year warranty against chipping, peeling and flaking on some exterior building painting and restoration projects. Manufacturer’s warranty is a guarantee that all coatings are applied in good and workman-like condition in accordance with industry standards and written instructions. It is a labor and material warranty. Any chipping, peeling, or flaking is covered under the warranty with the exception of water penetration resulting from structural cracks or defects, faulty construction design or misuse or structure settlement, expansion of structure, accident, fire or other physical damage.

What is your price per square foot?
No two jobs are identical. The price is dependent on the condition of the floor, wall or tank. Also size, surface preparation required, thickness of new system, etc. will vary the price.
How soon can you do the work?
If materials are in stock, many jobs can start within a week or two. We typically have many jobs going on at one time. TMI Coatings has a full-time scheduler who coordinates the crew’s work schedule with the customer’s timeframe.
Do you do residential work?
No. TMI has done work on a few executive garage floors but our focus is on commercial and industrial work.
Do you coat/paint parts?
No. While we do have a maintenance shop, the majority of our work is done at the customer site.